The Movement: People For a New America (P.F.A.N.A.) 

​                                                                                                    Mission Statement

People FaN America is an organization formed by citizens whom are dedicated in creating a new model for America by unifying its citizens against “The Powers that Be” who knowingly and intentionally inflict harm on its people by ways of covertly purporting corruption and inserting super control into our society. By using peaceful means, our group’s focus is to achieve its goals by initiating effective “Call to Action” as the group’s primary tenet and premise of the organization.

The group’s primary purpose is spreading awareness in several key areas. These key areas are spearheaded via the arts and new media. Our group aligns itself with other social betterment groups with similar purposes to participate in this monumental undertaking. People FaN America’s fundamental and underlining purpose and responsibility is to defend and protect human rights and individual freedoms.
A major tenet of the group is to promote educate and unify the public by the use of effective campaigns through the arts, social media and new media alternatives as well as mainstream media (as allowed or permitted).

We currently live in extremely volatile times, our lives and current system is on the brink of fiscal, health, environmental and divisionary disaster. It is blatantly obvious that America, and humanity in general, needs to change rapidly or we and our children will face the consequences. We understand and believe that there is a hierarchy of unethical and corrupt individuals running the show which is the primary reason “Why” things are as bad as they are, and this covert plan is by no accident- it’s by design. We assert with our group, that we are a “new voice” and “new model” in which the world and its people can believe in and be led by which have the people’s interests at heart. People FaN America is the instrument “By and For the People” and it is our pledge and our motto, and we commit ourselves to fight fire with fire.

People FaN America’s commitment is to provide and promote both practical and alternative methods in several troubled key areas in our society. Our group is nonpartisan. It is our belief that “the powers that be”, have divided our nation and people for a purpose, thus creating a way for our great country and our freedoms to be conquered and compromised.

The only way for us as citizens to control our lives and future is through the means of the unification of the people. We can no longer depend and be disappointed by our leaders to make real change, it is our responsibility as citizens to take action and control our own destiny. The group welcomes all honest people from all races, political party, creed, or religion who wish to participate in this group.

United, We Can Change The World.

Richie Onori
Founder and Author

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FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy
FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy