One Vision ~ The Company

One Vision-In The Name of Freedom LLC is a California based LLC that was conceived and created by Richie Onori, Creator of “Freedom – Rock Prophecy” and Kevin Pruett, Intellectual Property Manager of “Freedom ~ Rock Prophecy” in February 2017.

A multi-dimensional organization, One Vision – In The Name of Freedom is uniquely crafted with an action purpose that harnesses the power and transformational influence of music to revitalize our society and restore hope. Working in concert with its sister organization People For a New America (People FaN America) which red-flags and combats social ails, One Vision – In The Name of Freedom provides an interactive platform that combines the Star Power of entertainers to inspire audiences, with the voices of individuals who want to be heard. One Vision – Unites and Focuses the power of “We The People” to bring change and actually make a better world! 

Due to the nature of the show, “Freedom – Rock Prophecy” is a community action CATALIST that inspires citizens to unite in an active effort against social injustices while People FaN America is a non-partisan COORDINATOR that is highly interactive and symbiotic with social awareness, abuse and betterment groups and activities. These together go hand in glove. Many show attendees will want to join The Movement, and this unique hybrid, “The Show that IS a Movement” makes it possible. Or they can simply attend, be entertained by a cutting-edge futuristic musical theatre masterpiece, and go on their way!


One Vision - In The Name of Freedom LLC has the stated purpose and activities of utilizing the aesthetics of music, dance, film and the visual arts to bring survival messages and influence to audiences of all ages in the Rock & Musical Theatre Genres and bring effective change to the divisive state of all peoples of the world by uniting them to DO SOMETHING about it. It brings its message –If we unite In The Name of Freedom something can be done about it- to people of all walks to help turn the world from inhumanities and social injustices and truly create a better world


“Freedom – Rock Prophecy” is an IP protected Franchise Brand wholly owned and managed by One Vision – In the Name of Freedom LLC with multi-media potential that crosses over into numerous entertainment industries (Broadway, Film, TV) Our strategy embraces the pursuit of these avenues fully. 

Significant long-term professional relationships, alliances, connections, and affiliations with major Music Industry professionals, headlining acts and high-level players in the social betterment fields give One Vision – In The Name of Freedom LLC immense reach and access into entertainment, social betterment and other related fields. 

One Vision’s Mission however goes beyond all that “Freedom – Rock Prophecy” entails. One Vision – ITNOF LLC combines a common meeting ground that unites similarly inclined artists in the cause of bettering society through music with a networking hotbed which is bringing a rebirth and revitalization to the very root Rock & Roll musical genius that drove Rock to the forefront of music in the 60s & 70s. One Vision -In The Name of Freedom LLC has been incubating a Rock & Roll musical revival which is poised to take flight very soon! Watch for exciting upcoming announcements. Long Live Rock!!! 

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FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy