One Vision -In The Name of Freedom LLC (One Vision – ITNOF LLC)                                                                                                              Jan 2017

One Vision – ITNOF LLC is a corporation that stages musical shows and exploits properties which are enlightening and entertaining but have social value as they voice survival ideals or moral and ethical values with messages which advocate social values. A portion of the profits from the shows or income from other properties is used to benefit social betterment non-profit organizations. Our current project is benefitting Native American White Bison Association and the Standing Rock Defense Fund.

One Vision-In The Name of Freedom LLC was conceived and created by Richie Onori, Manager and Drummer of Rock Band The Sweet. The Sweet is a currently major headlining act with a hit song Fox On the Run in the film production Guardians of the Galaxy and booked at the Hollywood bowl in May 2017.

Significant long term professional relationships, alliances, connections, and affiliations Richie has with major recognized headlining acts (*list available on request to authorized inquiries) give One Vision – In The Name of Freedom LLC immense reach and access into entertainment, social betterment and other related fields.

One Vision –ITNOF LLC is currently managing or staging

-In The Name of Freedom-A Rock Prophecy Multi-media Musical Theatrical Event. A totally original Stage Spectacular with 31 innovative songs and interludes that feature the who’s who of raw Musical Rock Royalty Talent. 
-In The Name Of Freedom-A Rock Prophecy record and musical adaption. 20 original songs (Copyright protected with music 100% created, written and owned by Richie Onori) 16 Interludes- music, lyrics, and related videos
-In The Name Of Freedom Broadway, Television, Film and other Theatrical, miscellaneous A/V, VR merchandizing and associated rights and licensing options as well as other creative opportunities that develop.

However, One Vision – ITNOF LLC is more than just an entertainment based non-profit benefiting social do-gooder! Due to the nature of the show In The Name of Freedom – A Rock Prophecy, One Vision – ITNOF LLC is a non-partisan community action CATALIST and COORDINATOR that calls citizens to unite in an active effort against social injustices. Due to this fact it is highly interactive and symbiotic with other social awareness, abuse and betterment groups and activities. 

One Vision –ITNOF LLC utilizes the aesthetics of music, dance, film, and the visual arts to bring its message –If we unite in the name of freedom something can be done about it- to people of all walks and to help turn the world from inhumanities and social injustices and truly create a better world. 

One Vision – ITNOF LLC will initially launch In The Name of Freedom – A Rock Prophecy, and exploit that show and its various other avenues (Broadway, Film, TV) however an integral part of the Mission of One Vision – ITNOF LLC is to unite other similarly inclined artists in the cause of bettering society and combating social injustice so it will ultimately select, develop and stage the works of other artists which act to unite We The People in the name of Freedom and bring hope that something can be done about social injustices and oppressive influences, in turn benefiting social betterment non-profit organizations from a portion of event, show and other property profits.  

Working in concert with its sister organization PFANA -People For A New America (People For A New World), One Vision – ITNOF LLC is a uniquely crafted boutique that harnesses the star power of entertainers to connect with and revitalize our society by red-flagging and combating social ails and restoring hope.

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