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Richie Onori -
Creator, Writer, Composer
Richie made his mark on the music scene as a world-class drummer, having played and recorded with a diverse cross-section of artists such as Keith Emerson, Richie Sambora, Louis Johnson, Ronnie James Dio, Paul Rodgers, Slash, and Steve Lukather before joining The Sweet.

Now, Richie is poised to release his own CD, entitled “Days of Innocence”, a collection of songs imbued with influences of the classic California blues/rock scene that he grew up with in LA’s San Fernando Valley in the 60s and 70s. A prolific songwriter, Richie speaks from his heart and says what’s on his mind. In releasing two CDs, he gives himself room to explore both his emotional journeys (“Days of Innocence”) and his spirituality and social commentary (“In The Name of Freedom”) within the frame of an infectiously grooving blues/rock sound, ably assisted by the talents of a roster of heavy hitters with whom he has played over the years.
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About In The Name Of Freedom: A Rock Prophecy
“In the Name of Freedom” A Rock Prophecy is a multi-media, totally original Stage Spectacular with 31 innovative songs and interludes that feature the who’s who of raw Musical Rock Royalty Talent. Intended to shake up the status quo by taking on major social issues of real-time relevance, it takes the audience on an invigorating and exciting musical and visual emotional roller coaster of song and triumph!

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Changing the World-
One Song at a Time...
Richie Onori- (Keith Emerson, The Sweet) Entertainer & Show’s Creator 

Claudio Daniel Pesavento- Conductor & Musical Composition

Stefan Haves- Director (Cirque Du Soliel & numerous others) and his team

Angelique Daugherty- Co-Director (RENT, Les Miserables and many more)

Robbie Wyckoff- Vocals (Current Lead Vocals - Roger Waters Wall Tour- Pink Floyd)

Joe Retta- Vocal’s- (Lead Vocals Trans Siberian Orchestra, The Sweet) 

Lois Mahalia- Solo Artist – (Kenny Loggins, Joe Walsh)

Steve Cooke- Vocals (Hair & Jesus Christ Superstar) 

Tehrah- Vocals- Cast as: White Buffalo Woman’s Messenger

*Special Guests to be announced. Along with an All Star band (Roger Daltry, Eagles, Michael Jackson)