The Blues Messenger
RICHIE ONORI ~ A Galaxy Beyond the World Class Drummer  
Anchoring the reformed legendary, multi-platinum band “Sweet” on drums for the last ten years Richie has been a driving pulse to both the band and the music world, while “Sweet” has performed for hundreds of thousands of fans at sold-out shows. Richie had already left his mark on the rock music scene as a world-class drummer having shared the stage and recorded with a diverse cross-section of artists such as Keith Emerson, Richie Sambora, Rick Derringer, Paul Rodgers, Louis Johnson, Ronnie James Dio, Slash, Steve Lukather, Larry Carlton, Brothers Johnson, Uli Jon Roth, Robber Krieger (The Doors) Les Paul, and Larry Graham (Sly) to name a few. All the while, The Blues Messenger was emerging!
Creator, Writer, Composer, Entertainer 
While touring the world as a top Rock drummer Richie devoted his own time for over two decades to extending his abilities by preparing himself as a vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Starting in the early 90’s he began to develop and perfect the necessary skills to write the lyrics and create the musical compositions that would express his unique artistic vision. Concurrently Richie was steadily mastering the instrumental and vocal skills required to lay down the tracks of songs that would communicate that vision. 

A prolific songwriter, Richie speaks from his heart and says what’s on his mind. Richie’s first album (unreleased) “Three Wishes,” foreshadowed the insight and depth that would drive his later efforts and attracted a group of top line support musicians whose credits included Eric Clapton and the Eagles. For over a decade while traveling the world and performing with other top name music icons he continued to craft the songs which would carry his message to the world. In 2012 he recorded a second album, released under the title “Days of Innocence” The record is a powerful collection of songs imbued with influences of the classic California blues/rock scene that he grew up with in LA’s San Fernando Valley in the 60s and 70s. Rave reviews and even awards resulted (see reviews and awards page) which fueled an even more intense surge of creativity in Richie’s efforts, his vision was beginning to take shape.

The Blues Messenger – The Moment of Truth
Richie knew he had found his calling when he started to write songs which communicated his beliefs about societal issues that were not being addressed by other artists. He believes music is a vehicle that can be used to communicate truth and awareness as well as to promote change, which has been the case for many influential artists in our most recent history. He completed his first full-length concept CD, which evokes messages and visions that he believes are important to communicate. Richie found that through his music, he could expose the root causes of mankind’s downward spiral. The work was entitled and was truly the “Moment of Truth.” 

In writing and Composing these first CDs, Richie gave himself room to explore his emotional journeys while simultaneously honing his craft to a new level and setting the stage for his emergence as The Blues Messenger. He unveiled his transcendent spiritual and social commentary visions in the landmark album, entitled “In The Name of Freedom.” With both earlier and additional new songs crafted in the framework of an infectiously grooving blues/rock sound, and ably assisted by the talents of a roster of Rock & Roll heavy hitters Richie had played with over the years, the album resulted in phenomenal rave reviews and feedback just as with “Days of Innocence.” Due to the relevance and insight of the material to social and humanitarian issues another organic result occurred. “In The Name of Freedom” became a beacon of hope that resonated with other artists, musicians and humanitarians sparking a movement for social change which began to form and gain momentum (see The Movement) Richie knew that the time had arrived, and crafted the Rock Musical Theatre “FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy.” (see About – “FREEDOM”)

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