20 years of Richie Onori's lifes work has now come to fruition in the Rock Musical- 
Freedom ~ A Rock Prophecy. 

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Richie Onori’s “FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy” 

 “FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy” is a visionary, inspiring and totally original stage experience. With its relevant and intriguing original songs (many which have already received rave reviews as well as awards) and alluring orchestral interludes, this captivating two hour show is both unique and incomparable. It is controversial and is intended to shake up the status quo while at the same time taking the audience on a fun and exciting musical and visual experience. It is a message for the times with solution driven social awareness themes. 
“FREEDOM” is not just a show, its a movement!

The rock opera “FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy” is the story of a man who is deeply connected with music and has had a kinship with music his whole life. He learns of ancient hot springs deep in the desert…he is compelled to go but doesn’t know why. There, in the middle of the night he has a revelation of prophecy, and suddenly he sees very clearly what is really going on in the world. The banks, the corporations, the government control, mechanized society are all influenced by a powerful evil. A message is transmitted from higher spiritual forces, and he’s been chosen to deliver it to mankind. Through the medium of music he embarks on a quest to unify the people.

“FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy” is a show which is totally original and unique as well as visionary. Imagine a show that takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride both visually and musically - similar to a Pink Floyd show -but which has the vision, depth and dimension of “Hair” or “Jesus Christ Superstar.” “FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy” not only uplifts, it enlightens and compels involvement! 

FREEDOM ~ Rock Prophecy